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FEP Tubing

For connecting pump to reservoirs. Use 1/8 in. O.D. x 0.0625 in. I.D. tubing with most pumps, 0.15 in. O.D. x 0.118 in. I.D. tubing with Waters pumps. 10 ft/3 m length.
FEP tubing is ideal for use at pressures up to 500 psi (35 kg/cm2).

Max. Temp is 50 °C.

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58694-U FEP Tubing L × O.D. × I.D. 10 ft × 1/8 in. × 0.0625 in.
58695-U FEP Tubing L × O.D. × I.D. 10 ft × 0.15 in. × 0.118 in.