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Upchurch PEEK Fingertight HPLC Fittings

The one-piece fitting, 55067-U, is convenient to use because the ferrule will not stick in a receiving port and can be easily found if dropped onto the floor. The two-piece fitting features a separate ferrule so you can replace just the ferrule instead of the entire unit. the Upchurch PEEK Fingertight fittings are for use with 1/16" O.D. tubing and can be used to 6,000 psi (420 kg/cm2).

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55067-U Upchurch PEEK Fingertight Fitting fitting 10-32 (one-piece), pkg of 10 ea
57654 Upchurch PEEK Fingertight Fitting nut and ferrule 10-32
57656 Upchurch PEEK Fingertight Fitting nut and ferrule 1/4-28
51395-U Upchurch PEEK Fingertight Fitting long 2 piece