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QSertVial Kits, 0.3 mL

The QsertVial is the ultimate microsampling device. It contains a 300 μL glass insert that is fused to the vial to form one precise integral unit. It is compatible with the majority of autosamplers in the market. It is available in a variety of kit confiqurations.
  • Evaporation and cross contamination betwen insert and vial is eliminated.
  • Higher sample recovery with either bottom loading or side loading needles (point style #2 or #5). Residual dead volume can be as low as 4 μL, depending on precision adjustment of the instrument.
  • Consistent sample recovery from vial to vial because the insert is alwaays at the same precise depth within the vial.
  • Wide mouth opening has larger target area reducing the possibility of bent needles.
  • Easy sample identification of white mat finish marking panel.
  • Available in clear or amber glass.