Clinical, Forensic & Toxicology

There are two driving forces behind the widespread adoption of Astec CHIROBIOTIC® chiral stationary phases (CSPs) for chiral HPLC in bioanalytical, clinical, forensic and toxicological applications:
  • The fact that many chiral bioactive substances, including drugs, metabolites, biomarkers, etc., are polar
  • The growth of LC-MS/MS in clinical and forensic laboratories
Some of the key features of Astec CHIROBIOTIC CSPs that are relevant to the clinical LC-MS field include
Resolution of polar enantiomers
Solvent choices permitted on Astec CHIROBIOTIC columns maximize sample solubility. Unlike conventional cellulose-based CSPs, Astec CHIROBIOTIC CSPs operate in highly-aqueous and nonaqueous polar mobile phases (polar ionic mode) for polar compound solubility.
Enhanced analyte sensitivity
Astec CHIROBIOTIC phases are unique in their robust operation in both reversed-phase and polar ionic mobile phase systems that enhance analyte solubility and ionization, thereby increasing sensitivity when using MS detection.
Robust operation
Each macrocyclic glycopeptide molecule of Astec CHIROBIOTIC CSPs is linked to the silica surface via four or five covalent bonds for exceptional stability and long column life. They are designed to withstand high pressure and flow rates, as well as rapid changes in mobile phase conditions. Astec CHIROBIOTIC phases also stand up to repeated injections of biological samples.
Fast kinetics for speed and efficiency
The kinetics of the molecular interactions between the analyte and the Astec CHIROBIOTIC CSP are fast, providing efficient separations and relatively short retention times. This provides testing labs the throughput needed to process high sample loads and reduce cost per analysis.
Although the majority of the applications listed here were run on Astec CHIROBIOTC columns, other chiral HPLC and GC columns offered by Supelco/Sigma-Aldrich have been used for clinical and forensic applications, including
  • Astec CYCLOBOND® native and derivatized cyclodextrin-based HPLC columns
  • LARIHC derivatized cyclofructan-based HPLC columns
  • Astec CHIRALDEX® and Supelco DEX derivatized cyclodextrin-based GC capillaries

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