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U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) methods typically cover pharmaceutical products. USP codes and recommended Supelco capillary GC columns are:
  • G1: Equity-1, SPB-1
  • G2: Equity-1, SPB-1
  • G3: SPB-50, SP-2250
  • G5: SP-2340, SP-2560
  • G7: SPB-225
  • G8: SP-2330
  • G9: Equity-1, SPB-1
  • G16: Omegawax, SUPELCOWAX 10
  • G18: PAG
  • G19: SPB-225
  • G25: SPB-1000, Nukol
  • G27: SLB-5ms, Equity-5, SPB-5
  • G32: SPB-20
  • G35: SPB-1000, Nukol
  • G36: SLB-5ms, Equity-5, SPB-5
  • G42: SPB-35
  • G43: SPB-624, OVI-G43
  • G46: Equity-1701
  • G48: SP-2380