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Mininert® Valves

Mininert valves are available for both screw top and crimp top vials. Mininert push-buttom valves are highly dependable, leak-tight closures for vial and other laboratory containers. When used with a glass vial, only PTFE and glass are in contact with the contents.
Operation is extremely simple - push the green button to open the valve, insert the needle through the septum and take a sample, withdraw the needle, and push the red button to close the valve.

Valves are available in the following sizes: 13/425, 15/425, 18/400, 24,400 and 20 mm crimp top.
Crimp top Micro Reaction Vessel
Mininert valves

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33305 Mininert® Valve for use with 20 mm crimp seal, pkg of 12 ea
Z153842 Mininert® Valve Joint valve, Joint: ST/NS 14/20
33300 Mininert® Valve, screw thread for use with 13/425 mm thread, pkg of 12 ea
33301 Mininert® Valve, screw thread for use with 15/425 mm thread, pkg of 12 ea
33302 Mininert® Valve, screw thread for use with 18/400 mm thread, pkg of 12 ea
33303 Mininert® Valve, screw thread for use with 20/400 mm thread, pkg of 12 ea
33304 Mininert® Valve, screw thread for use with 24/400 mm thread, pkg of 12 ea
22285 Push Button Valve for use with Hamilton TLL syringes
33310-U Replacement septa for Mininert® valves Replacement Mininert Septa, L × O.D. 0.308 in. × 0.125 in., pkg of 50 ea
33311 Septum inserter for Mininert® Valve Tool for inserting septa, pkg of 1 ea