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Certified Vials

Certified "to fit" Vials
Our new certified vial, cap and septa products eliminate "fit" and septa contamination concerns associated with other brands. By taking these extra manufacturing and testing steps, we can ensure:
  • Caps thread properly onto vials, providing an air-tight seal
  • Syringe needles are not damaged by irregular vial bottom thickness
  • Minimal contamination from septa impurities

Quality is built into each component of the Supelco certified vial system.
Our certified glass and polypropylene vials are manufactured to the strictest physical specifications possible. Each lot of vials is examined to ensure there are no inconsistencies in the vial height, thickness, and neck thread. Glass vials are produced from Type 1 borosilicate glass tubing (clear glass from 33 expansion glass, amber glass from 51 expansion), while our polypropylene vials are manufactured from virgin resins to eliminate the possibility of sample contamination.

The PTFE/silicone and modified PTFE/silicone septa are manufactured, conditioned and then tested by GC/MS to ensure the septa have the lowest level of extractables in the industry.

Plastic components are manufactured using virgin resins to eliminate the possibility of sample contamination. Caps are molded to ensure consistency in fit, thread specifications and overall dimensions.

Autosampler compatibility:
Agilent 1050/1090A, 1100/1200, 7673A/7683, 5890/7985A/6890
Hitachi AS-1000, AS-2000, AS-4000, L7200/L7250
PerkinElmer: Autosystem/AS-2000/XL, Clarus 500/600, ISS-100, 200
Shimadzu LC Autosamplers: SIL-HTa/SIL-HTc, SIL-10ADVP, SIL-10A-SIL-10Ai/SIL-10Ap
Varian: CP-8410, 8100/8200, 9100/9090, 9095
Waters: Alliance 2690, Acquity, Breeze, 717Plus