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Accessories for ISE

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11509 Adapter F-BNC
45137 Electrode Body ISE Selectophore
41734 Electrode connecting wire with S7/Banana-Connector (for pH/ISE meter of Metrohm)
49657 Electrode connecting wire with S7/Metrohm (LEMO) plug
45135 Electrode Connecting Wire with Lemo/BNC-Connector Selectophore, for electrode body ISE (45137-1EA)
45136 Electrode Connecting Wire with Lemo/DIN-Connector Selectophore, for electrode body ISE (45137-1EA)
16613 Electrode Connecting Wire with S7/BNC-Connector for pH Electrodes
30676 Electrode Connecting Wire with S7/DIN-Connector for pH Electrodes
48952 Glass Plate Selectophore, plan
48953 Glass Ring Selectophore, borosilicate glass; face ground on both sides
48954 Glass Ring Selectophore, borosilicate glass; face ground on both sides
58165 Ionenselektive Optodenmembranen
53162 Laboratory pH-Electrode Glass body (Double junction refillable)
69765 Micropipettes-Capillaries Selectophore, borosilicate glass
69766 Micropipettes Storage Jar Selectophore
63653 Punch for ion-selective membranes Selectophore
63654 Punch-Module Selectophore
63656 Punch-Module Selectophore
63657 Punch-Module Selectophore
63659 Punch-Module Selectophore
16811 Reference Electrode for ion-selective electrodes
44765 Tool for Ion-Selective Electrodes Selectophore
85795 Vial Selectophore