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436747 Amberjet® 4200 chloride form chloride form
06411 Amberlite® IRA-67 free base free base
476633 Amberlite® IRA-67 free base free base
247669 Amberlite® IRA-400 chloride form chloride form
06466 Amberlite® IRA402 chloride form chloride form
06477 Amberlite® IRA404 chloride form chloride form
06433 Amberlite® IRA-410 chloride form chloride form, matrix styrene/divinylbenzene (gel), 20-25 mesh
216569 Amberlite® IRA-410 chloride form chloride form, matrix styrene/divinylbenzene, 20-25 mesh
216445 Amberlite® IRA743 free base free base
216585 Amberlite® IRA-900 chloride form chloride form
06457 Amberlite® IRA910 chloride form chloride form, strongly basic
06478 Amberlite® IRA958 chloride form chloride form, matrix acrylic copolymer (macroreticular), 13-45 mesh particle size
06441 Amberlite® IRA-96 free base free base
436712 Amberlyst® 36 total pore volume 0.20 mL/g
216410 Amberlyst® A21 free base free base
542571 Amberlyst® A26 hydroxide form hydroxide form
06476 Ambersep® 900 hydroxide form OH--form, strongly basic
440345 Glass spheres 9-13 μm particle size
419095 Molecular sieves powder, 3-5 μm avg. part. size, organophilic
246743 Polyethylenimine on silica gel beads, 20-60 mesh
468312 Poly(styrene-co-divinylbenzene) microspheres, 6.0-10.0 μm avg. part. size
426989 Poly(styrene-co-divinylbenzene) mean pore size 46 Å, 300-800 μm particle size
479322 Poly(styrene-co-divinylbenzene) 200-400 mesh particle size, 1 % cross-linked
434442 Poly(styrene-co-divinylbenzene) 200-400 mesh particle size, 2 % cross-linked