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Visiprep Large Volume Sampler and Replacement Parts

For continuous "hands off" direct transfer of multiple liquid samples.

A Visiprep large volume sampler enables you to transfer low visocity samples directly from any sample container to conventional solid phase extraction tubes on a Visiprep SPE vacuum manifold.
Two samplers are available. One sampler has three tube adapters compatible with 12 mL, 20 mL, or 60 mL poplypropylene SPE tubes. Simultaneous extraction of 12 samples on a 12-port Visiprep manifold required four of these samplers. The other sampler has four tube adapters for 3 mL and 6 mL SPE tubes. To simultaneously extract 12 samples, three samplers are required.

The samplers consist of 1/8-inch PTFE tubing with a screw fitting at one end and a stainless steel weight at the other end. To use the sampler, feed the weighted end into a sample container until it touches the bottom. Insert the tube adapters into the conditioned STE tubes on your Visprep manifold. Turn on the vacuum to the Visiprep manifold and open the manifold flow control valves, and the samples will be delivered to the SPE tubes. The flow rate of sample through each tube can be independently controlled by using the flow control valves. Both the screew fittings and the PTFE fittings on the samplers are colorcoded for easy sampler identification.
Also fits Preppy SPE Vacuum Manifold.

Note: The Visiprep Large Volume Sampler can only be used with polypropylene SPE tubes. You must equip alternate manifold valves with long stem flow control knobs to accommodate 12 mL, 20 mL, or 60 mL SPE tubes.

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57277 Ferrules/Nuts for Visiprep Large Volume Sampler color-coded, pk of 4
57276 1/8" PTFE tubes, Color Coded for use with Supelco Visiprep Large Volume Sampler, pk of 4
57278 Stainless Steel Weights For Visiprep Large Volume Sampler weight fitting for tubing 1/8 in. O.D., pk of 4
57275 Visiprep Large Volume Sampler for use with 3 or 6 mL SPE tubes (includes 4 adapters)
57272 Visiprep Large Volume Sampler for use with 12, 20, or 60mL SPE tubes (includes 3 adapters)
57273-U Visiprep Large Volume Sampler Tube Adapters, 1/4-28 Threads for use with 3 or 6 mL SPE tubes, pk of 4
57274-U Visiprep Large Volume Sampler Tube Adapters, 1/4-28 Threads for use with 12, 20, or 60mL SPE tubes, pk of 3