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PAS-500 Micro Air Sampler

This low flow pump is lightweight (4 ounces) and compact (7 inches high), fitting easily into a shirt pocket. The adsorbent tube connects directly to the inlet of the pump. The micro air sampler is versatile, adapts to fit both 6mm and 8mm tubes and the flow range is 40-200 cc/min. The low flow adapter enables sampling at 20 cc/min.
The unit is powered by a 9-volt battery. The full flow regulation feature provides constant voltage to the pump, even as battery voltage drops. It is intrinsically safe - a built in resistor limits the power current, preventing any short circuit.

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24871 Carrying Case for PAS-500 made to hold single pump
24865 PAS-500 Micro Air Sampler with Low Flow Orifice Includes 6 mm tube holder, screwdriver, and two 9-volt batteries
24867 Tube Holder for PAS-500 Pump for use with 6mm sorbent tube
24868 Tube Holder for PAS-500 Pump for use with 8mm sorbent tube
24869 Tube Holder for PAS-500 Pump for use with detector tube