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Adsorbent Media (Inorganic)

Silica- and alumina-based adsorbents are commonly used in sample preparation for purification, extraction, or as filter aids. Our product line-up includes; Lipid Removal Agent, Celite®, Florisil®, Lewatit®, Sephadex®, and activated alumina. Custom packaging is available to meet the most demanding of applications, in quantities from 100 grams to multiple kilograms.

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199966 Aluminum oxide activated, acidic, Brockmann I ~150 mesh
58 Å pore size
155 m2/g
199443 Aluminum oxide activated, basic, Brockmann I ~150 mesh
58 Å pore size
155 m2/g
199974 Aluminum oxide activated, neutral, Brockmann I 50-300 mesh
58 Å pore size
155 m2/g
267740 Aluminum oxide pore size 58 Å, ~150 mesh ~150 mesh
58 Å
155 m2/g
64843 Celite® R566      
288705 Florisil® <200 mesh, fine powder <200 mesh
<74 μm
  289 m2/g
20281 Florisil® 100-200 mesh, fine powder 100-200 mesh
74-149 μm
  289 m2/g
288691 Florisil® 30-60 mesh, granular 250-595 μm
30-60 mesh
20280-U Florisil® PR grade, 60-100 mesh, coarse powder 149-250 μm
60-100 mesh
  289 m2/g
52089 Lewatit® AF 5 20-50 mesh particle size 20-50 mesh
LH20100 Sephadex® LH-20