Pittcon 2016 Presentations

  March 6- 10, 2016
  Georgia World Congress Center
  Atlanta, GA, USA
  Title, Time, and Location
Oral Presentations
  Polyionic Ionic Liquid GC Stationary Phase Evaluations (Len Sidisky), 4:05 PM, Room B310

  Analysis of Pesticides in Foods by Direct Immersion SPME Using an Overcoated Fiber (Len Sidisky), 2:30 PM, Room B406

  Effective QuEChERS Cleanup and Quantitation of Planar Pesticides from Spinach and Other Food Matrices using a Novel Graphitized Carbon Black and a Zirconia-Based Adsorbent (Michael Ye), 9:10 AM, Room B315
  Selectivity in Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography: Impact of Stationary Phase Chemistry (David S Bell), 9:30 AM, Room B406
  Liquid Chromatography, Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography, HILIC (David S Bell), 10:25 AM, Room B406

Invited Talk
Tuesday 1:35 PM, Room B313
  Perspectives on the Development and Future of Monodisperse Fully-Porous Silica Supports (David S Bell)

Poster Presentations
Monday, AM, Exposition Floor, 400 Aisle
  UHPLC/MS/MS Analysis of Lipophilic Marine Toxins from Homogenized Shellfish (Emily R Barrey)

Tuesday, PM, Exposition Floor, 400 Aisle
  Comparison of Color Pigment Removal Between Graphitized Carbon Black and Zirconia-Based Adsorbents for QuEChERS Process (Jennifer Claus)
  Impact of HPLC Stationary Phase Selection on Matrix Effects During LC/MS/MS Analysis of Multiple Mycotoxins in Corn (Emily R Barrey)

Wednesday, AM, Exposition Floor, 400 Aisle
  Mobile Phase Effects in Reversed-Phase Chromatography of Monoclonal Antibodies at High Temperature (Stacy Shollenberger)

Thursday, AM, Exposition Floor, 400 Aisle
  Unique Selectivity: The Power of Ionic Liquid GC Columns (Len Sidisky)