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The Fluka and Riedel-de Haën brands stand for quality, service and innovation. The two chemical plants at Seelze near Hannover and at Buchs in the Rhine valley near St. Gallen form the nucleus for high quality production. The chemistry know-how forms the basis for numerous new developments in the two co-ordinated product ranges. Excellent service via the world-wide Sigma-Aldrich distribution network and the internet contributes to high customer satisfaction.
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Buchs plant History (Fluka)
Seelze plant History (Riedel-de Haën)
Fluka Commitment
Riedel-de Haën Quality
Fluka Product Portfolio
Riedel-de Haën Laboratory Chemicals Portfolio


Riedel-de Haën is a registered trademark of Honeywell International, Inc., licensed to Sigma-Aldrich


Buchs plant History
1950 Fluka AG - Chemische Fabrik was founded in St. Gallen, Switzerland. The product portfolio consisted of more than 700 compounds with defined specifications and guaranteed purity degrees, mostly organics for research purposes and for intermediates in the chemical industry.
1952 The Fluka property was partly destroyed by a fire. This incident, environmental issues and its continuous growth forced Fluka out of urban St. Gallen. At this time Fluka had a turnover of 653,000 CHF.
1953 Fluka launched a re-start with 18 employees in Buchs, a small town close to the Swiss border, surrounded by a beautiful mountain scenery. Since then Fluka expanded rapidly and put high emphasis on legal compliance and environmental safety.
1968 Fluka was acquired by Ciba, Geigy and Hoffmann-La Roche, three of Swiss' main pharmaceutical companies. The turnover was 12 Mio CHF (25 % home market, 75 % export), the product portfolio reached 10,000 products and the number of employees grew to 200.
1989 Sigma-Aldrich acquired Fluka and significantly expanded its European presence. At that time Fluka counted 316 employees and 12,000 products in its product portfolio. The non-consolidated Fluka sales reached 69.7 Mio CHF. This new era under Sigma-Aldrich is dominated by fast growth. The number of products in the portfolio is growing significantly, new catalog versions are added and the number of copies nearly doubled.
1994 With regard to the growing quality requirements Fluka got the ISO 9001 certificate, followed by the GMP certificate in 1997. Its number of products kept on growing (15,500 products).
1997 Riedel-de Haën, located in Seelze, Germany, was purchased by the Sigma-Aldrich Group. More than 19,000 Fluka products were available worldwide.
1999 Fluka opened sales offices in Basel and Lausanne, Switzerland. The first combined Fluka/Riedel-de Haën Catalog (edition 1999/2000) offering nearly 24,000 products was printed.
2003 New Building in Buchs: Research and Development for Research Specialties Europe
2005 Legal entity changed name to Sigma-Aldrich Switzerland.
2007 New cGMP Infrastructure Building SAFC in Buchs

New Fluka/Riedel-de Haën Catalogue 2007/2008 with more than 29'000 products was launched
Today Sigma-Aldrich has more than 500 employees in Switzerland working in development, production, quality control, packaging, warehousing, logistics, sales and marketing. The company's annual turnover is more than 160 Mio $ worldwide. The product portfolio is growing every year by approx. 1,000 innovative products due to customers' and employees' initiatives.

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Seelze plant History

Sigma-Aldrich Laborchemikalien GmbH, previously Riedel-de Haën Laborchemikalien GmbH & Co. KG, is based on two very early foundations:
1814 The "J.D.Riedel AG" established in Berlin from a former chemist's shop had already specialised in pharmaceuticals and other organic chemicals.
1861 The "Chemische Fabrik Eugen-de Haën" was founded in Hannover.
1902 Due to a favoured infrastructure the "Chemische Fabrik Eugen-de Haën" moved to Seelze. The product range concentrated on inorganic chemicals.
1928 The two companies merged forming the "Riedel-de Haën Aktiengesellschaft". Since then the company has advanced to become one of the world's most acknowledged manufacturers of high grade chemicals. The product range includes high purity hydrofluoric acids, technical preservatives, fluorescent pigments, photographic dyes and - last not least - laboratory chemicals.
1970 The takeover of a majority shareholding by the Hoechst Group resulted in a significant expansion of the sales network.
1995 The American AlliedSignal Corp. acquired the majority shareholding in Riedel-de Haën.
1997 Foundation of a joint venture between Allied Signal Corporation and Sigma-Aldrich Corporation in the field of Laboratory Chemicals. The Sigma-Aldrich Corporation becomes controlling shareholder in this company
1999 The 100% takeover by Sigma Aldrich followed. The incorporation of Riedel-de Haën into the new company group has opened a vast array of new perspectives. The merger has enabled the Sigma-Aldrich group (Sigma, Aldrich, Fluka, Supelco, Riedel-de Haën) to offer the widest range of chemicals with more than 140,000 products.

Today More than 150 employees in Seelze provide more than 8000 products, primarily for Research Specialties and Research Essentials, Seelze is now a multibrand site specialized on high volume products and on solvents of all quality levels. New products are added each year to provide our customers an up-to-date product line. The close cooperation in Seelze with Honeywell Specialty Chemicals allows direct access to a vast number of key components.

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Fluka Commitment

Throughout Fluka all employees share the common commitment of the Sigma-Aldrich Group:

Accelerating Customers’ Success through Innovation and Leadership in Life Science and High Technology


Riedel Quality

Over 100 years of history lead to the development of Riedel-de Haën in 1928. The company advanced to become a globally acknowledged manufacturer of high-grade chemicals. Since the 1999 incorporation of Riedel-de Haën Laboratory Chemicals with Sigma-Aldrich, today the Riedel quality and tradition is carried into many of our Fluka, Sigma, and Aldrich products; also the commitment to supply superior products, advanced technologies, and unsurpassed service.

Riedel-de Haën
Laboratory Chemicals

Fluka Catalog Product Portfolio

The basic product range comprises chemicals and reagents for analytical, organic and biochemical research, as well as intermediates for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. This portfolio is continually expanded and adapted with regard to customers’ needs. Additionally, Fluka offers a range of general laboratory chemicals, ancilliary materials and has achieved an outstanding market position in some specialty groups like peptide synthesis, enzymes for organic chemistry, fluorescent markers, reagents for trace analysis and reference materials.

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Bulk Production

The catalog products are also available in bulk quantities through the Sigma-Aldrich Fine Chemicals, SAFC Sales division.
We are your partner of choice for

  • complex custom synthesis
  • the manufacture of products with quality or GMP requirements
  • flexible and fast development, synthesis and processing

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CustomWare / OEM

We work closely together with instrument manufacturers to develop specific, custom-tailored products for them. Taking advantage of our cost-effective production and worldwide logistics you can focus on your own strengths and still be able to provide your customers with a complete solution consisting of instruments and all necessary chemicals.

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Riedel-de Haën Laboratory Chemicals Portfolio

Riedel-de Haën (Laboratory Chemicals) Product Lines

HYDRANAL® Pyridine-free Karl Fischer Reagents
PESTANAL® Environmental active standards
VETRANALTM Standards for ingredients in veterinary pharmaceuticals
CHROMASOLV® High Purity Solvents for chromatography
AQUANALTM Chemicals for water analysis
FIXANAL® Concentrates for the preparation of volumetric and standard solutions

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