Customware means Reagents, Standards or Kits

What is CustomWare
Customware by Sigma-Aldrich means reagents, standards or kits especially designed for you and your needs

CustomWare is also a proven cooperation concept for instrument suppliers which is based on providing you with the chemistry needed to deliver a whole package of instruments plus all necessary reagents to your customers

Focus on core competences
Today, successful business is highly dependent on the flexibility of companies in the current market situation. This flexibility is primarily given by companies focussing on their core competencies and outsourcing areas which are a potential risk to a quick market response and therefore open up an opportunity for competitors.

Speed up time to market
CustomWare is the key for you as an instrument/equipment manufacturer to speed up time to market with an overall solution.

CustomWare products are mainly characterized by a ready-to-use/ready-to-sell chemistry (e.g. aqueous solutions), but includes also organic or biochemical products. Highly complex physical interactions between CustomWare product and instrument have to be taken into account in development. To adapt a CustomWare product perfectly to the customer's need strong cooperation is necessary. This cooperation and the successful completion of CustomWare projects has led to many partnerships with companies of highest reputation.

A - Z Solution
The service of CustomWare includes various tasks:

  • Developing the product in cooperation with the customer
  • Clarifying all legal, compliance and safety issues
  • Production
  • Quality Control (Product specification, analysis and documentation following
    ISO 9001/2000)
  • Packaging and Labeling
  • Logistic
  • Support in marketing and branding

Experience in complex project management
The complexity of a CustomWare project proves once more that Sigma-Aldrich is not simply a reagent manufacturer but has also got the expertise in comprehensive project planning and performance. To offer you this excellent service the CustomWare team has access to the entire know-how of the worldwide Sigma-Aldrich network.

We are very proud to be a reliable partner in projects which highly contribute to the success of our high profile customers.


If you have any questions regarding CustomWare, please get in contact with

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