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Low levels of pesticides are present in harvested crops to improve yields and to protect from insect infestation, weeds, and plant diseases. Pesticide usage is strictly regulated in many countries. Maximum Residue Limits (MRL’s) are established to protect consumers from the harmful health effects of overexposure.

Prior to analytical determination, solid phase extraction (SPE) of pesticide residues in food is achieved with Multi-Layer SPE tubes, QuEChERS (Dispersive SPE), solid phase microextraction (SPME) or by liquid-liquid extraction (LLE)

Pesticide residues are found not only in food sources such as plant or animal tissues and animal feed, but also in the Pesticide Fate Process, through:


  Extraction and Analyses of Agricultural Pesticides for Oranges Using the “Quechers” Method (Reporter 24.3)
  Extraction of Pesticides from Agricultural Products Using Multi-Layer ENVI-Carb-II/PSA SPE Tubes (pdf)
  Multi-residue Pesticides in Spinach
  Pesticides in Fruit & Vegetables
  Chlorinated Pesticides in Drinking Water
  Non-volatile Pesticides in Water
  Agricultural Pesticides in Wine
  Chlorinated Pesticides
  Multiple Pesticides
  Organophosphate Pesticides
  Carbamate and Urea Pesticides
  Fast Screening for Chlorinated Pesticides by SPME/GC (pdf)


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