Scientific classification
Division: Firmicutes
Class: Bacilli
Order: Bacillales
Family: Listeriaceae
Genus: Listeria
The six known species: L. grayi, L. innocua, L. ivanovii, L. monocytogenes, L. seeligeri, L. welshimeri

Listeria species are Gram-positive rod shaped bacteria. The biochemical profile of Listeria includes: catalase positive, oxidase negative, fermentation of carbohydrates to acid but not to gas, hydrolysis of esculin and sodium hippurate, methyl red positive, ammonia production from arginine, negative reaction for hydrogen sulfide production, indole negative, nitrate reductase negative, no gelatin liquefaction, no hydrolysis of starch and no urea hydrolysis.
Listeria monocytogenes is the most important species of the genus. It is an ubiquitous pathogen.
Infection sources: faeces of animal, raw milk, cheese rind, processed milk products, silage, fouling material, vegetable, salad, raw fish, ready
With the trend of longer shel life, "ready-to-eat" or "ready-to-cook" products and changed food patterns Listeria monocytogenes is going to be a serious safety problem.
Listeria monocytogenes: is an intracellular pathogen, causing listeriosis and is especially dangerous for the elderly and in pregnancy or diabetics.

See also our validated rapid test system for Listeria and Listeria moncytogenes called HybriScan® (molecular biology based system but easier and lower costs than PCR).

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70133 Nonselective & Differential
Blood Agar (Base) for microbiology  
18795 Nonselective
Brucella Agar for microbiology  
50595 Selective
Buffered Listeria Enrichment Broth Base for microbiology  
07410 Nonselective & Differential
Carbohydrate Consumption Broth for microbiology  
69198 Selective & Differential
Fraser Broth, Base for microbiology Listeria Selective Enrichement Broth, Base (acc. Fraser)
F6672 Selective & Differential
Fraser secondary enrichment broth base for microbiology  
53707 Selective & Differential
HiCrome Listeria Agar Base, modified for microbiology Listeria HiCrome Agar Base, modified
62653 Selective
LPM Agar for microbiology Listeria LPM Agar Lithium chloride Phenylethanol Moxalactam Plating Agar
62353 Selective
Listeria Enrichment Broth according to FDA/IDF-FIL for microbiology LE Broth TSYEB Tryptic Soy Yeast Extract Broth
55265 Nonselective
Listeria Motility Medium for microbiology  
62355 Selective
Listeria Selective Agar for microbiology  
92302 Selective & Differential
Listeria mono Confirmatory Agar (Base) for microbiology Listeria monocytogenes Confirmatory Agar (Base)
77408 Selective & Differential
Listeria mono Differential Agar (Base) for microbiology Agar Listeria Ottaviani & Agosti Listeria monocytogenes Differential Agar (Base)
70148 Nonselective
Nutrient Agar for microbiology  
70122 Nonselective
Nutrient Broth No. 1, for microbiology Standard - Nutrient Broth
70123 Nonselective
Nutrient Broth No. 2, for microbiology Standard - Nutrient Broth
03856 Nonselective
Nutrient Broth No. 4, for microbiology Standard - Nutrient Broth
75805 Selective & Differential
Oxford Agar for microbiology Listeria Selective Agar, Oxford Listeria Oxford Medium
15776 Selective & Differential
PALCAM Listeria Selective Agar, Vegitone for microbiology Vegitone PALCAM Listeria Selective Agar
75977 Selective & Differential
PALCAM Listeria Selective Agar for microbiology  
59859 Selective & Differential
PALCAM Listeria Selective Enrichment Broth, Vegitone for microbiology Vegitone PALCAM Listeria Selective Enrichment Broth
19718 Nonselective
Plate Count Agar, Vegitone for microbiology Vegitone Plate Count Agar
70152 Nonselective
Plate Count Agar for microbiology Standard Methods Agar Tryptone Glucose Yeast Extract Agar
51413 Nonselective & Differential
Plate Count MUG Agar for microbiology MUG PCA MUG Plate Count Agar
80957 Nonselective
Plate Count Skim Milk Agar for microbiology  
80547 Nonselective & Differential
Rhamnose Broth for microbiology LRB
93395 Nonselective
Tryptone Soya Yeast Extract Agar for microbiology TSYEA
90554 Selective
UVM Listeria Selective Enrichment Broth, modified I & II for microbiology Listeria Enrichment Medium Base, UVM University of Vermont Medium, modified
91366 Nonselective
Universal Pre-Enrichment Broth for microbiology