Dispersive SPE (QuEChERS) Tubes

Custom Services Request

As Dispersive SPE (dSPE) grows in popularity, researchers are determining dSPE configurations to solve unique sample prep challenges. Supelco now offers a comprehensive dSPE customization program to meet your sample prep needs. Follow the instructions below to receive a quote for a dSPE product according to your specifications. This form allows you to request a quote for only one type of custom product with each submission.

  • If you do not see a hardware option or a component option that you are interested in, or if you have additional questions, please contact Supelco_Quotes@sial.com.
  • We reserve the right to not quote certain custom dispersive SPE configuration requests, when they are not feasible or impractical for us to provide.

1. Hardware Options
  Polypropylene (PP) Containers

2 mL Microcentrifuge Tube

12 mL Centrifuge Tube

50 mL Centrifuge Tube
  • Polypropylene with screw-cap, round bottom
  • Self standing
  • Tube w/ screw-cap: 47 mm L
  • Amenable to direct extraction & centrifugation
  • Max RCF: 17,000 x g
  • Max Temp.: 100°C
  • Polypropylene with screw-cap, round bottom
  • Tube w/ screw-cap: 22.0 x 100 mm
  • Amenable to direct extraction & centrifugation
  • Max RCF, Swing-Bucket Rotor: 5000 x g
  • Max RCF, Fixed Rotor: 26,000 x g
  • Max. Temp.: 121°C (tube); 80°C (cap)
  • Polypropylene with screw-cap, conical bottom
  • Tube w/ screw-cap: 29.0 x 118 mm
  • Amenable to direct extraction & centrifugation
  • Max RCF: 3000 x g
  • Max. Temp.: 121°C

  Glass Vials

4 mL Vial

22 mL Vial
  • Clear glass with solid green phenolic cap (PTFE liner)
  • Tube w/ screw-cap: 45 x 15 mm
  • Amenable to direct extraction
  • NOT amenable to centrifugation
  • Clear glass with solid green phenolic cap (PTFE liner)
  • Tube w/ screw-cap: 85 x 23 mm
  • Amenable to direct extraction
  • NOT amenable to centrifugation

2. Components to be packed (Density values are included for calculating the remaining head-space volume)
Component CAS No. Density (g/mL)
Magnesium Sulfate (Cat. No. 208094), heat treated at 550 deg. C overnight 7487-88-9 1.31
Sodium chloride (Cat. No. 57653) 7647-14-5 1.18
Sodium citrate dibasic sesquihydrate (Cat. No. 71635) 6132-05-4 0.86
Sodium citrate tribasic dihydrate (Cat. No. 54641) 67-43-6 1.01
Sodium acetate (Cat. No. 58750) 127-09-3 0.91
Sodium bicarbonate (Cat. No. S6014) 144-55-8 0.96
Supelclean PSA SPE (Cat. No. 52738-U) - 0.57
Supelclean ENVI-Carb SPE (Cat. No. 57210-U) - 0.32
Discovery DSC-18 SPE (Cat. No. 52600-U) - 0.55
Z-Sep+ (Cat. No. 55299-U) - -
Z-Sep (Cat. No. 55418-U) - -
Other** - Supelco can pack components that are not listed above, but are available from Sigma-Aldrich/Supelco.

** Note that for "other" components not listed, Supelco R&D and production needs to determine the feasibility of manufacturing your quote request. Therefore, quotes may be delayed.

Instructions for Calculating the Remaining Head-space Volume
When determining the proper custom dispersive SPE hardware and packed component configuration, it is important to determine how much head space volume is available in the dSPE tube after the tubes are packed with the desired components. The equation below describes how to calculate the approximate remaining head-space volume.

Here is the equation and an example using a 2 mL microcentrifuge tube packed with 0.3 g magnesium sulfate and 0.05 g PSA SPE
  Equation Example
  Tube/Vial volume
- component A Volume (wt. / density)    
- component B Volume (wt. / density)

= Head-space remaining
2.00 mL
- (0.3 g / 1.31 g/mL) = 0.23 mL
- (0.05 g / 0.57 g/mL) = 0.09 mL

= 1.68 mL

Caution: Care should be taken to not request a custom dispersive SPE configuration where the amount of packing material exceeds the volume capacity of the requested hardware.

3. Order Quantity
1 pack = 50 dSPE Tubes
- The minimum order amount is 1 unit
- The quoted price is based on quantity requested - volume discounts will be indicated in the quote.
- If a custom product is ordered with sufficient volume and on a routine (long term) basis, we can offer the product as a standard part no. (details in the quote).

4. Complete the dSPE Quote Request Form (pdf)