Supel™ Sphere Carbon/NH2 SPE Tubes

Spherical SPE Materials Optimize Flow and Increase Throughput

The demand for SPE cartridges with improved flow characteristics and reduced susceptibility to the formation of fines has led to the development of a family of SPE tubes packed entirely with spherical, non-friable particles. The Supel Sphere Carbon/NH2 dual layer SPE tube contains both spherical carbon particles and spherical aminopropyl (NH2) modified silica . It was developed to offer superior flow characteristics when conducting cleanup for multi-residue pesticide analysis from food.

Features and Benefits
  • SPE tube packed entirely with spherical, non-friable particles
  • Improved flow characteristics, and faster flow for gravity filtration use
  • Reduced susceptibility to the formation of fines
  • Carbon removes pigments and sterols, commonly found in many foods and natural products
  • Aminopropyl (NH2) removes organic acids, polar pigments, and sugars

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Ordering Information
Description Qty/Pk. Cat. No.
Supel Sphere Carbon/NH2; 500 mg (spherical carbon), 500 mg (spherical NH2), 6 mL 30 54283-U

Supel Sphere Carbon/NH2 for Analysis of Pesticide Residues in Spinach
In a study comparing spherical Supel Sphere Carbon/NH2 versus currently used SPE cartridges containing irregular materials, it was found that the Supel Sphere product removed as much color and background, plus exhibited faster and more consistent flow than the cartridges containing irregular materials. Pesticide recovery was similar to that obtained using other dual layer SPE cartridges. Improved flow characteristics and reduced GC-MS background are illustrated below in Figures 1 and 2, respectively.

Figure 1. Flow Comparison Test: Timed Gravity Elution of Solvent (25 mL) from Dual-Layer Cartridges. Average Flow n = 5.

Figure 2. GC-MS Comparison of Cleaned Spinach Extracts.