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The unique VersaFlash station and VersaPak™ cartridge designs combine to make a truly novel flash purification system that saves time and money while allowing you to do things that other systems don’t. VersaFlash saves time and money by allowing:

Easy scale-up and full cartridge range compatibility
In less than one minute you can scale-up from the smallest cartridge to the largest cartridge giving you the flexibility you need to handle a wide range of sample sizes. Many flash chromatography systems limit users to a narrow sample range requiring different hardware purchase and laborious change-out in order to work with larger sample sizes. The robust VersaPak cartridge design eliminates the need for a compression barrel making cartridge change-over and scale-up fast and easy. The VersaFlash system gives you the versatility to work with discovery scale cartridges (40 x 75mm) and requiring only a simple adjustment of the upper platen to work with development scale cartridges (80 x300mm).
Figure 1. VersaFlash is Scalable Across the Entire Range of Cartridge Sizes Using the Exact Same Hardware
1a. To switch to a larger cartridge, simply turn the handle counter-clockwise to the idle position and pull it out lowering the bottom sealing platen.
1b. Once the cartridge is removed, push the handle in, loosen the securing knob on the upper platen and raise it to the proper height to insert the larger cartridge.
1c. With the upper platen resting on the cartridge, tighten the securing knob.
1d. Turn the handle clockwise toward the operate position sealing the cartridge in the VersaFlash station.

Fast and easy cartridge change-over
The unique VersaPak pre-compression design eliminates the need for compression barrels and nitrogen pressurization making cartridge change-over fast and easy. Installing, removing and changing over VersaPak cartridges in the VersaFlash station is fast and easy.
Figure 2. Fast and easy cartridge change-over
2a. You can see the previously used cartridge sealed into the VersaFlash station with the handle in the operate position.
2b. Turn the handle counter-clockwise to the idle position and pull it out to remove the used cartridge.
2c. Insert a new cartridge, push the handle in and turn it clockwise toward the operate position to seal the new cartridge.

Compatiblity with most flash solvent delivery systems
The VersaFlash can be purchased as a complete system with the Supelco pump or you can connect it to most existing solvent delivery systems to begin using the many capabilities of the VersaFlash station.

Cartridge stacking for bi-modal separations
An additional benefit of the unique design of the VersaPak cartridges and the VersaFlash station is that it allows you to stack multiple cartridges together. Two cartridges with similar media can be stacked to increase the loading capacity or two cartridges with different media (silica over C18) can be stacked for complex bi-modal separations.
Figures 3a-c. Efficient Separation of a Multi-Dye Mixture Using BiModal Stacked Cartridges (Silica and C18)
3a. The dye mixture (Red 40, Blue 1 and Yellow 5) is loaded on the bottom of the cartridge and begins to separate on the cartridges.
3b. The yellow 5 dye elutes first with water.
3c. The red 40 dye then elutes with water.
Rev-Elution for faster component elution
When desired compounds are fully retained on the cartridge, they must be eluted using a stronger mobile phase. Normally this spreads the band as it passes through the full length of the media bed. In addition if there are traces of other components remaining on the cartridge, contamination of the retained component is more likely to occur. Finally excess solvent is required to move the band entirely through the cartridge. These problems are solved by Rev-elution, or the technique of reversing the cartridge after partial separation has occurred. Consequently the retained substance can be quickly and cleanly eluted using a slightly stronger mobile phase without the need to travel through the entire cartridge bed.
Figures 3d-e. Efficient Separation of a Multi-Dye Mixture Using Rev-Elution
3d. After removing the (upper) silica cartridge, the C18 cartridge is reversed putting the blue dye at the cartridge outlet (top).
3e. The blue 1 dye then elutes more quickly using 100% methanol without traveling the entire length of the cartridge bed.

Flexible sample loading options
The VersaPak cartridge allows you a wide variety of ways to load samples on the cartridge. There are at least five ways to load a sample onto a VersaPak cartridge including:
  • Direct sample injection onto the cartridge using a syringe (off-line)
  • Vacuum aspiration onto the cartridge using the VersaVac sample loading station (off-line)
  • Using a solid sample cartridge prior to the primary cartridge (on-line)
  • Using a valve and loop injector for repetitive volume sample loading (on-line)
  • Through the pump loading for dilute samples (on-line)
Figure 4. Direct Sample Loading onto Cartridge
Figure 5. Loading Multiple VersaPak Cartridges
Figure 6. Partial Separation
Figure 7. Separation of a Chlorophyll/Carotenoid Mixture Using One-Step
7a. Load sample on C18 cartridge using silica SPE tube for pre-purification.
7b. Carotenoids were eluted into the VersaPak with methanol/dichloromethane, chlorophyll sticks on the silica SPE cartridge (green band).

Ordering Information

VersaFlash station
The VersaFlash station secures the VersaPak cartridges for processing. It is available separately or in a complete system.
Height: 70cm (27.5 in.)
Length: 28cm (11 in.)
Width: 21cm (8 in.)
Weight: 12kg (27 lbs.)

Description Cat. No.
VersaFlash station assembly click to view photograph 97732-U
VersaFlash System 1 (220 Volt)
(includes VersaFlash station, pump, VersaVac sample loading station and Starter Kit)
VersaFlash System 1 (110 Volt)
(includes VersaFlash station, pump, VersaVac sample loading station and Starter Kit)

VersaPak cartridges click to view photograph
A key feature of the VersaPak cartridges is the patent-pending end-fitting design. The symmetric end-fitting design allows for fast and easy cartridge change-out, cartridge stacking, rev-elution and flexible sample loading methods. There is no need for compression barrels or external compressed gas supplies since the cartridges are pre-compressed and sealed by the end-fittings. VersaPak cartridges are tightly held in place during pressurization by the leak-resistant VersaFlash station.
Description Quantity Cat. No.
VersaPak Silica Cartridges    
20-45 µm    
23mm x 53mm 20/pk 97757-U
23mm x 110mm 20/pk 97758-U
40mm x 75mm 12/pk 97781-U
40mm x 150mm 6/pk 97782-U
80mm x 75mm 2/pk 97714-U
80mm x 150mm 2/pk 97763-U
80mm x 300mm 1/pk 97764-U
110mm x 300mm 1/pk 97765-U
40-75 µm    
40mm x 75mm 12/pk 97704-U
40mm x 75mm 96/pk 97705-U
40mm x 150mm 6/pk 97706-U
40mm x 150mm 48/pk 97707-U
80mm x 150mm 2/pk 97708-U
80mm x 150mm 12/pk 97709-U
80mm x 300mm 1/pk 97710-U
80mm x 300mm 6/pk 97711-U
110mm x 300mm 1/pk 97712-U
VersaPak C18 Cartridges    
23mm x 53mm 2/pk 97759-U
23mm x 110mm 2/pk 97760-U
40mm x 75mm 2/pk 97700-U
40mm x 150mm 1/pk 97701-U
80mm x 150mm 1/pk 97702-U
80mm x 300mm 1/pk 97703-U
110mm x 300mm 1/pk 97713-U

Pump click to view photograph
Most flash chromatography systems utilize a pressurized stainless steel reservoir to contain the solvent and force it through the flash cartridges. The VersaFlash system uses a pump eliminating the need for a stainless steel reservoir, thereby eliminating the following limitations:
  • The level of solvent cannot be seen often times causing incomplete separations and unknown solvent flush volumes
  • The reservoir is difficult to empty, clean and refill any time solvent change is required.
  • Solvent volume is limited by the tank capacity.
  • An external gas supply is required to pressurize the tank.

Description Cat. No.
Assembled Pump, 120V 97734-U
Assembled Pump, 220V 97737-U

Kits and Accessories

VersaVac Sample Loading Station click to view photograph
The VersaVac sample loading station is a vacuum manifold designed to aid in the loading of samples onto the VersaPak cartridges. From one to six (40mm) cartridges can be loaded on the VersaVac at one time.

Description Cat. No.
VersaVac Sample Loading Station 97750-U

Solid sample cartridges click to view photograph
Solid sample cartridges allow you to adsorb samples onto silica or other packing materials and pack the dried sample into the solid sample cartridge and link it to the separation cartridge, allowing for direct desorption by the mobile phase. Samples that have low solubility in the mobile phase can be transferred to the head of the cartridge with no tubing or fittings to restrict or clog due to particulate.

Description Quantity Cat. No.
Solid Sample Cartridge Kit click to view photograph 6 small and
6 large Solid sample cartridges
Small (40 X 37.5 mm) solid sample cartridges 12/pk 97746-U
Large (40 x 75 mm) solid sample cartridges 12/pk 97747-U

Starter Kit click to view photograph
The VersaFlash starter kit is designed to provide you with everything that you will need to get started using the capabilities of the VersaFlash system. From flushing solvents out of the system to stacking multiple cartridges. The kit includes a 40 x 40 mm cartridge stacking assembly, a solvent flush connector, 1/8” tubing (10 ft.), and solid sample cartridges (3 small and 3 large).


Description Cat. No.
Starter Kit 97739-U

Cartridge stacking assemblies click to view photograph
VersaFlash cartridge stacking assemblies allow you to stack multiple cartridges together to increase the sorbent capacity and/or to combine different phase chemistries to conduct bi-modal separations. Cartridge stacking assemblies are available in three sizes: 40 x 40 mm, 40 x 80 mm, and 80 x 80 mm to stack different diameter cartridges.

Description Cat. No.
Cartridge Stacking Assembly (40 x 40 mm) 97740-U
Cartridge Stacking Assembly (40 x 80 mm) 97741-U
Cartridge Stacking Assembly (80 x 80 mm) 97742-U

Solvent Flush Connector click to view photograph
The solvent flush connector I used to flush solvents out of the VersaFlash station or when changing from one solvent to another without a VersaPak cartridge in the VersaFlash station.

Description Cat. No.
Solvent Flush Connector 97743-U

Technical Resources
Title Publication ID.
VersaFlash Brochure T403110
VersaFlash Key Features T403130
VersaFlash Operating Manual T703012
VersaPak Cartridges (data sheet) T703008
VersaFlash Solid Sample Cartridges (data sheet) T703009
VersaFlash Starter Kit (data sheet) T703014
VersaFlash PEEK Seal Assembly (data sheet) T703021
Instruction Sheet for Priming the Pump in the VersaFlash System T704004