Sample Preparation & Purification

VersaPure Prepacked Buchner Funnels

Medicinal Chemistry is a branch within the pharmaceutical industry that merges expertise in organic, analytical, computational chemistry, and drug metabolism to conceptualize, design, and create/synthesize novel compounds for potential therapeutic use.

VersaPure® Prepacked Büchner Funnels are designed to augment other larger scale purification techniques such as flash chromatography and preparative HPLC by offering a convenient, rapid, reliable and simple approach to larger scale sample prep/ purification.
Reduce Your Risk, Prevent Problems, Save Time and Money e000920
•  Prepared to eliminate exposure to inhalable particulates
•  Compressed bed eliminates channeling
•  Porous frit helps to spread sample across the adsorbent bed
•  Prepackaged design saves time in packing, cleaning,
    and disposal
•  Reallocate dedicated lab (hood) space for packing
•  Space savings for sorbent inventory
•  Quality - reliability - reproducibility
•  Personal safety, during packing and clean-up
VersaPure® Büchner Funnel Specifications
•  Semi-translucent polypropylene body
•  Sealed retaining ring compresses and seals bed in place
•  Polyethylene frits, 20 µm porosity
•  0.7 µm glass fiber membrane below bottom frit
•  Dimensions available:
  Bed wt. I.D. (mm) Height (mm)
  ~12.5 g 55 30
  ~25 g 70 40
  ~50 g 90 48
  ~100 g 110 66

Empty Disposable Büchner Funnels packed with:
•  0.7 µm GF membrane
•  20 µm PE frit
•  retaining ring

To order from the list of available Büchner Funnels below, go to the On-Line Catalog
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Empty disposable

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