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When you purchase HYDRANAL Karl Fischer reagents, you not only receive the products, but also the years of experience in this field and the technical knowledge developed by our technical support laboratories around the world. You can find a wide range of literature, specially prepared for you by the HYDRANAL-Laboratories knowledgeable staff.


HYDRANAL Product Line Overview
HYDRANAL Product Line Overview

HYDRANAL Product Line Overview

Sigma-Aldrich is a pioneer in the supply of safe, reliable and easy-to-use pyridine-free Karl Fischer reagents.
  • Volumetric Titration with One-Component Reagents
  • Volumetric Titration with Two-Component Reagents
  • Coulometric Titration with HYDRANAL-Coulomat
  • HYDRANAL-Water Standards
  • HYDRANAL E-Type Reagents
  • Reagents for Ketones and Aldehydes
  • Technical Support
  • Literature

HYDRANAL E-Type Reagents
LabInfo HYDRANAL - E-Type Reagents


Analytix LabInfo HYDRANAL- E-Type Reagents

HYDRANAL E-Type reagents permit reliable Karl Fischer titrations without toxic methanol.

Ethanol-based reagents for Karl Fischer titrations
  • Increased solubility and extraction efficiency for hydrophobic samples
  • Ketone titration without side reaction
  • Products and Applications

HYDRANAL Composite
LabInfo HYDRANAL - Composite


Analytix LabInfo HYDRANAL- Composite

HYDRANAL-Composite is the world‘s most frequently used pyridine-free Karl-Fischer reagent.

Improved one-component reagent for volumetric Karl Fischer titration
  • Enhancement of titer stability
  • Reduction of crystallization effects
  • Comparability

HYDRANAL Coulometric Cell
Analytix LabInfo HYDRANAL

Analytix LabInfo HYDRANAL-The Coulometric Cell

There are two different types of coulometric cells: those with a diaphragm and those without one. Proper care and maintenance of the coulometric cells will help maximize the sensitivity and reliability of Karl Fischer titrations made with them.

The Coulometric Cell
  • The Anode Chamber
  • Interferences in the Anode Chamber
  • Sample pH and Conductivity
  • The Cathode Chamber
  • Interferences in the Cathode Chamber
  • Cleaning of the Coulometric Cell
  • Control of Accuracy

HYDRANAL Water Standards
HYDRANAL-Water Standards


Analyitx LabInfo HYDRANAL-Water Standards:
Standards with a certified water content for titre determination, monitoring precision and accuracy and validation and inspection of Karl Fischer titrators.

HYDRANAL-Water Standards
  • Water Standards
  • General instructions for use
  • Product Range Specifications and Use

HYDRANAL Coulomat Oil
HYDRANAL-Coulomat Oil

Analytix LabInfo HYDRANAL-Coulomat Oil:
Oils have to pass extensive analytical tests to meet continuously increasing quality requirements.That is why a new reagent for the coulometric water determination was developed.

HYDRANAL-Coulomat Oil
  • Applications
  • Development and validation of the reagent
  • Disturbances


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