Technical Helpline for HYDRANAL Karl Fischer Titration Reagents

We will be glad to provide you with support in the analysis of your sample based on our twenty years of experience with Karl Fischer titration. We can suggest a solution to your analytical problem and, if necessary, develop an individual analytical method for you. Our comprehensive application collection makes daily work easier for HYDRANAL® users, and is always at your disposal. The technical support of Sigma-Aldrich includes:

  • Help in solving technical problems (solubility, side reactions, …).
  • Advice in selecting the appropriate Karl Fischer reagent for specific needs.
  • Fully equipped application laboratory.
  • Analysis of problematic samples.
  • Regular Karl Fischer workshops.
  • Supply of SDSs and Certificates of Analysis.
  • Comprehensive literature on application work for problematic samples:
    • HYDRANAL®-Manual: Theory and practical advice on Karl Fischer titration
    • HYDRANAL®-Multimedia Guide contains Karl Fischer methods for more than 500 products
    • Over 400 laboratory reports on specific samples.
    • Exemplary directions according to ISO 9000
    • Comparison analyses with pyridine-containing reagents DAB and Ph.Eur.
    • Disposal advices

Just call us! We will be pleased to answer any questions regarding sample analysis using the Karl Fischer method, and on HYDRANAL®-reagents.


For technical help, comments or any other questions regarding HYDRANAL® please contact our Karl Fischer Helplines (see below) or use our message box:


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Mr Thomas Wendt
Technical Service HYDRANAL®
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Telefone: +49-5137-8238-353
Telefax: +49-5137-8238-698
E-mail address: hydranal@sial.com
Mr Doug Clark
HYDRANAL® - Technical Center North America
545 S. Ewing Ave
St. Louis MO 63103
Help Line +1-800-493-7262 (toll-free hotline for USA and Canada)
Telefax: +1-314-286-6699
E-mail address: hydranal@sial.com



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