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Standards are necessary to standardize and control reagents, check the reliability of titrations and test instruments according to the requirements of ISO 9000, GMP, GLP and FDA guidelines.

ISO 9001 requires: "The supplier shall control, calibrate ... measuring and test equipment ... to demonstrate the conformance". Karl Fischer titrators are such instruments and must be controlled on a regular basis. It is part of a quality assurance system.

The HYDRANAL®-Water Standards are standards for volumetric or coulometric determinations. They are delivered with a "Certificate of Analysis" giving the actual water content. The liquid standards are packaged in glass ampoules under argon. A box contains 10 ampoules. Each ampoule is designed for one use. The shelf life is more than 5 years.

Advantages of HYDRANAL®-Water Standards
  • Packaged in glass ampoules under argon.
  • Each ampoule only for one use.
  • Shelf life 5 years.
  • Contains instruction for use according to guide lines like ISO 9001.
  • Manufactured by a company certified ISO 9001.
  • Certificate of Analysis enclosed in each pack.
  • Tested against NIST SRM 2890.

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34694 HYDRANAL®-Water Standard Oil

Measuring the water content of oily samples can be a challenge. Their inherently low water content and compatibility of the titration technique, reagents and instruments with this type of sample are complicating factors. Additionally, for accurate determinations, the water content standards should have similar composition to the sample.

To help analysts maximize the accuracy and the ease of water determination of oily samples by Karl Fischer titration, we have developed mineral oil-based HYDRANAL®- Water Standard Oil. The water content of each lot is analysed using several procedures applied in practice: direct volumetric and coulometric Karl Fischer titration as well as the indirect procedure using a Karl Fischer oven (Figure 1). Actual water content of the standard is reported on the Certificate of Analysis included with each box. HYDRANAL®- Water Standard Oil is tested against NIST SRM 2890.

Certificate of Analysis example


Information regarding 34847 HYDRANAL Water Standard 0.1
Change of shelf-life time and storage temperature (PDF 25 KB)

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