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Mini-Vap Evaporator / Concentrator

Many products are offered to accompany the vial products that we sell. We offer a range of vial racks, made of polypropylene material, to use to store your samples. In addition, safety-coated storage bottles, glass magnet products, Mini-Vaps, and Block Heaters are listed for usage in your application.

Mini-Vap Evaporator / Concentrator

The 6-Port Mini-Vap concentrator/evaporator processes six miniature vials or containers at one time. Comes with six stainless steel needles, fine control needle valve, and three feet (0.9m) of plastic tubing.

The adjustable Mini-Vap is a versatile concentrator/evaporator that can be used with a single container. The unique design allows for any size container, from the smallest vial to a 250 mL beaker. The Mini-Vap includes a needle valve for fine metering of air or nitrogen drying gas. Ideal for a wide variety of needs in evaporation or concentration. Adjusts to 11 ½ in.
Product Name Product # 
Mini-Vap Evaporator/Concentrator, 6 port length × width × base height 7 ½ in. (19 cm) × 1 ½ in. (4 cm) × ¾ in. (2 cm) for use with 1-250 mL containers 1 ea 22971
Mini-Vap Evaporator/Concentrator, adjustable, size 1 ½ in. × 8 ½ in. 1 ea 22970