Coronary artery disease detected by coronary computed tomography angiography in adult survivors of childhood Hodgkin lymphoma.

PMID 25041978


Survivors of Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) have significant cardiovascular risk and require long-term surveillance. The current study assessed the prevalence of coronary artery disease (CAD) by coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) in adult survivors of childhood HL. Thirty-one survivors of HL, 13 of whom (42%) were treated with radiotherapy (RT) only and 18 of whom (58%) were treated with multimodal therapy, underwent CCTA, echocardiography, electrocardiography (ECG), and treadmill stress testing. Obstructive CAD was defined as ≥50% occlusion of the left main or ≥70% occlusion of the left anterior descending, left circumflex, or right coronary arteries on CCTA. Echocardiograms with resting wall motion abnormalities or an ejection fraction <50%; ECGs with Q waves, ST abnormalities without Q waves, or T-wave abnormalities without Q waves; and a J-point depression of ≥1 mm with a horizontal or downsloping ST segment on stress testing were considered abnormal. The prevalence of disease in participants (median age, 40 years [range, 26 years-55 years]; median time from cancer diagnosis, 24 years [range, 17 years-39 years]) was 39%, with 39 plaques detected among 12 survivors. Three participants (10%) treated with RT only had 4 obstructive lesions; 9 patients (29%; 5 of whom were treated with RT only and 4 of whom were treated with multimodal therapy) had nonobstructive lesions. Approximately 15% of lesions involved the left main, 21% involved the proximal left anterior descending, 18% involved the proximal right coronary, and 13% involved the proximal left circumflex arteries. Of the 12 participants found to have CAD by CCTA, 7 had a positive ECG, 1 had a positive echocardiogram, and 1 had a positive stress test. CCTA identified CAD in a substantial percentage of survivors of HL and may be an effective screening modality for this population.

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