Cancer research

Modeling lung cancer evolution and preclinical response by orthotopic mouse allografts.

PMID 25217522


Cancer evolution is a process that is still poorly understood because of the lack of versatile in vivo longitudinal studies. By generating murine non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) orthoallobanks and paired primary cell lines, we provide a detailed description of an in vivo, time-dependent cancer malignization process. We identify the acquisition of metastatic dissemination potential, the selection of co-driver mutations, and the appearance of naturally occurring intratumor heterogeneity, thus recapitulating the stochastic nature of human cancer development. This approach combines the robustness of genetically engineered cancer models with the flexibility of allograft methodology. We have applied this tool for the preclinical evaluation of therapeutic approaches. This system can be implemented to improve the design of future treatments for patients with NSCLC.