Pharmaceutical biology

Pharmacokinetics of cisplatin in the absence or presence of zengmian yiliu granules (a traditional Chinese medicine compound) in rats determined via ICP-MS: an investigation on drug-herb interactions.

PMID 25339463


Cisplatin is a highly effective chemotherapeutic agent against many tumors; however, it has potent adverse effects. Zengmian Yiliu granule (ZMYL), a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) compound, has been clinically used against platinum (Pt)-induced toxicity and to enhance the efficacy of cisplatin. The study was conducted to investigate the likelihood of potential pharmacokinetics drug-herbs interaction (DHI) between cisplatin and ZMYL. An improved ICP-MS method combined with ultrafiltration and microwave-assisted digestion was performed to determine the total and free Pt concentrations in rat plasma after intraperitoneal administration of cisplatin (9 mg/kg) or a combined administration with ZMYL (1 g/kg) by gavage. ZMYL produced a potential DHI on the pharmacokinetic parameters of cisplatin, calculated from the total Pt concentration. The clearance rate decreased from 110.52 to 66.12 mLh(-1 )kg(-1), the mean residence time extended from 63.1 to 164.54 h, the area under the plasma concentration-time curve increased from 86.58 to 152.93 µg h mL(-1), the elimination half-life extended from 48.38 to 126.4 h, and the elimination rate constant decreased from 0.017 to 0.006 h, in the ZMYL combination group (p < 0.05). In terms of free Pt concentration, the apparent volume of distribution and clearance rate was statistically different (p < 0.05). The Pt plasma protein binding ratios in the early dose stages were significantly boosted by the co-administration of ZMYL (p < 0.01). ZMYL is a potential complementary and alternative medicine for cisplatin chemotherapy. The therapeutic benefits of ZMYL-cisplatin chemotherapy derived from pharmacokinetic interaction needs further investigation.