Phytomedicine : international journal of phytotherapy and phytopharmacology

Quantitative transdermal behavior of pellitorine from Anacyclus pyrethrum extract.

PMID 25481393


The plant Anacyclus pyrethrum (AP) consists of several N-alkylamides with pellitorine as main constituent. AP extracts are known to be biologically active and some products for topical administration containing AP plant extracts are already commercially available with functional cosmeceutical claims. However, no transdermal data for pellitorine are currently available. Therefore, our general goal was to investigate the local skin pharmacokinetics of the plant N-alkylamide pellitorine using a Franz diffusion cell set-up. Two different forms were applied on human skin: purified pellitorine and the AP extract. Our study demonstrated that pellitorine is able to cross the stratum corneum and the subsequent skin layers. A significantly higher permeability coefficient was observed when the AP extract (Kp=2.3 × 10(-4)cm/h) was administered, compared to purified pellitorine (Kp=1.1 × 10(-4)cm/h). With the obtained pellitorine concentrations in the skin layers and the receptor fluid, it is concluded that local and systemic effects can be expected after topical application. Due to these findings and as a regulatory consequence, products containing reasonable concentrations of pellitorine are recommended to be classified as a medicinal product.