Applied radiation and isotopes : including data, instrumentation and methods for use in agriculture, industry and medicine

Parameter evaluation and fully-automated radiosynthesis of [(11)C]harmine for imaging of MAO-A for clinical trials.

PMID 25594603


The aim of the present study was the evaluation and automation of the radiosynthesis of [(11)C]harmine for clinical trials. The following parameters have been investigated: amount of base, precursor concentration, solvent, reaction temperature and time. The optimum reaction conditions were determined to be 2-3mg/mL precursor activated with 1eq. 5M NaOH in DMSO, 80°C reaction temperature and 2min reaction time. Under these conditions 6.1±1GBq (51.0±11% based on [(11)C]CH3I, corrected for decay) of [(11)C]harmine (n=72) were obtained. The specific activity was 101.32±28.2GBq/µmol (at EOS). All quality control parameters were in accordance with the standards for parenteral human application. Due to its reliability and high yields, this fully-automated synthesis method can be used as routine set-up.

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