Oncology reports

Cucurbitacin I inhibits cell migration and invasion and enhances chemosensitivity in colon cancer.

PMID 25625299


Colorectal cancers are the third most common types of cancers worldwide. Surgical resection is unable to eliminate tumors completely due to metastasis. A demand for new chemotherapeutic tools exists. In the present study, we examined the chemopreventive potential of cucurbitacinxa0I, a natural component extracted from plants of the Cucurbitaceae family, in the colon cancer cell line COLO205. We hypothesized that cucurbitacinxa0I would prevent colon cancer cell migration and invasion, and sensitize colon cancer cells to chemotherapy. Our data demonstrated that exposure of the COLO205 cells to cucurbitacinxa0I significantly decreased cell viability. Furthermore our data demonstrated for the first time that in the COLO205 cells, cucurbitacinxa0I could suppress the cell migration and invasion, and harbor chemosensitization activity against colon cancer. The anticancer activity of cucurbitacinxa0I was accomplished by downregulating p-STAT3 and MMP-9 expression. Collectively, our results suggest that cucurbitacinxa0I may be a potent adjuvant chemotherapeutic agent for colon cancer with anti-migration, anti-invasion and chemosensitizing activities.