European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics : official journal of Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Pharmazeutische Verfahrenstechnik e.V

Fabrication and characterization of silk fibroin-coated liposomes for ocular drug delivery.

PMID 25643990


The unique structure and protective mechanisms of the eye result in low bioavailability of ocular drugs. Using a mucoadhesive material is an efficient solution to improve ocular drug therapeutic efficacy. This study was designed to prepare a liposomal formulation coated by a novel adhesive excipient, silk fibroin (SF), for topical ocular drug delivery. The regenerated silk fibroins (SFs) with different dissolving time were coated onto the ibuprofen-loaded liposomes. The morphology, drug encapsulation efficiency, in vitro release and in vitro corneal permeation of SF-coated liposomes (SLs) were investigated in comparison with the conventional liposome. Cellular adhesion and cytotoxicity assay of SF and SLs were tested using human corneal epithelial cells (HCEC). SLs showed sustained drug release and in vitro corneal permeation of ibuprofen as compared to drug solution and conventional liposome. The cellular fluorescence appeared after 7 min of exposure to SF, and the intensity increased sustainedly up to 12h with no detectable cytotoxicity. Higher fluorescence intensity of Nile red in SLs was observed in a short period of 15 min showing a rapid uptake. These favorable properties make SF-coated liposome be a promising ocular drug delivery system.