Biophysical journal

Karyotyping human chromosomes by optical and X-ray ptychography methods.

PMID 25650937


Sorting and identifying chromosomes, a process known as karyotyping, is widely used to detect changes in chromosome shapes and gene positions. In a karyotype the chromosomes are identified by their size and therefore this process can be performed by measuring macroscopic structural variables. Chromosomes contain a specific number of basepairs that linearly correlate with their size; therefore, it is possible to perform a karyotype on chromosomes using their mass as an identifying factor. Here, we obtain the first images, to our knowledge, of chromosomes using the novel imaging method of ptychography. We can use the images to measure the mass of chromosomes and perform a partial karyotype from the results. We also obtain high spatial resolution using this technique with synchrotron source x-rays.