Journal of biophotonics

Ex vivo optical measurements of glucose diffusion kinetics in native and diabetic mouse skin.

PMID 25760425


The aim of this study was to estimate the glucose diffusion coefficients ex vivo in skin of mice with diabetes induced in vivo by alloxan in comparison to non-diabetic mice. The temporal dependences of collimated transmittance of tissue samples immersed in glucose solutions were measured in the VIS-NIR spectral range to quantify the glucose diffusion/permeability coefficients and optical clearing efficiency of mouse skin. The average thickness of intact healthy and diabetic skin was 0.023xa0±xa00.006xa0cm and 0.019xa0±xa00.005xa0cm, respectively. Considerable differences in optical and kinetic properties of diabetic and non-diabetic skin were found: clearing efficiency was 1.5-fold better and glucose diffusivity was 2-fold slower for diabetic skin. Experimental Setup for measuring collimated transmittance spectra of mouse skin samples.