A0828 Sigma

Sialyllactose sodium salt

from human milk, ≥97% (HPAE/PAD)

Synonym: α-NeuNAc-(2→3)- and -(2→6)-β-D-Gal-(1→4)-D-Glc, N-Acetylneuraminyl-lactose, Neuramin-lactose


Other Notes

Mixture of (2→6′) and (2→3′) isomers.


3′-Sialyllactose is a compound wherein the acetylneuraminyl (NANA) unit is connected to the galactosyl unit of lactose at the 3 position. In 6’-sialylactose, this connection is at the 6 position. 3′-Sialyllactose and 6′-Sialyllactose are used to differentiate and characterize binding domains of viruses, such as influenza and rhinitis viruses, that recognize NANA capped cell surface receptors. 3′-Sialyllactose and 6’-sialylactose are used as reference compounds in analytical methods developed to measure their presence in materials such as milk and colostrums.

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from bovine milk or colostrum, ≥97% (HPLC)

6′-Sialyllactose sodium salt

from bovine milk or colostrum, ≥97% (HPAE/PAD)

Sialyllactose sodium salt

~80% (HPAE/PAD), lyophilized powder, from bovine colostrum

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