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YEAST1 Sigma

Yeast Transformation Kit

reagents for introducing plasmid DNA into yeast


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grade   for molecular biology
usage   1 kit sufficient for >100 standard transformations
shipped in   dry ice
storage temp.   −20°C



The Yeast Transformation Kit contains:
• 10 μg Control yeast plasmid DNA, pRS316
• 100 mL PLATE buffer
• 100 mL Transformation buffer


Suitable for transformation of any strain of yeast. Convenient, flexible and sensitive, positive transformants can be obtained with as little as 10 ng of DNA; the optimum efficiency is in the 0.1- 3 μg range.

Features and Benefits

• Easy and ready-to-use
• Requires as little as 10 ng of plasmid DNA
• Flexibility for any strain of yeast
• Sufficient for over 100 standard transformations

General description

Sigma’s Yeast Transformation Kit contains all necessary reagents and controls for efficient transformation of yeast by the lithium acetate method.


Transformation with a plasmid complementing the mutated gene enables the transformant to grow on medium lacking the required component. Yeast cells are made competent for transformation by incubation in a buffered lithium acetate solution. Transformation is then carried out by incubating the cells together with transforming DNA and carrier DNA in a solution containing polyethylene glycol (PEG).

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