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181978 Aldrich

Poly(ethyleneimine) solution

average Mn ~60,000 by GPC, average Mw ~750,000 by LS, 50 wt. % in H2O

Synonym: Ethyleneimine polymer solution, PEI


Related Categories Branched PEI solutions, Hydrophilic Polymers, Materials Science, Poly(2-oxazoline) and Polyethylenimine (PEI), Polyethylenimine (PEI),
vapor pressure   9 mmHg ( 20 °C)
mol wt   average Mn ~60,000 by GPC
  average Mw ~750,000 by LS
concentration   50 wt. % in H2O


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18 kg in poly drum

5, 100, 250 g in poly bottle

Legal Information

Use of PEI for transfection is covered by existing intellectual property rights, including US Patent 6,013,240, European Patent 0,770140, and foreign equivalents, for which Polyplus-transfection is the worldwide exclusive licensee. Please make sure you do not potentially infringe. Further information may be obtained by contacting Polyplus-transfection at licensing@polyplus-transfection.com. They will happily discuss licensing possibilities.

Polyplus-transfection is a trademark of Polyplus-transfection

Physical form

Branched polymer


Detergents, adhesives, water treatment, printing inks, dyes, cosmetics, and paper industry, adhesion promoter, lamination primer, fixative agent, flocculant, cationic dispersant, stability enhancer, surface activator, chelating agent, scavenger for aldehydes and oxides.

Protein precipitant.

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