205699 Aldrich

Palladium on carbon

extent of labeling: 10 wt. % loading, matrix activated carbon support

Synonym: Pd/C



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Catalyst for hydrogenation of alkenes, alkynes, ketones, nitriles, imines, azides, nitro groups, benzenoid and heterocyclic aromatics; used for hydrogenolysis of cyclopropanes, benzyl derivatives, epoxides, hydrazines, and halides; used to dehydrogenate aromatics and deformylate aldehydes.

Catalyst for:
• Stille reaction1
• Hydrogenation reactions2
• Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling and Heck-Mizoroki reactions3
• Deoxygenation4
• Oxidation reactions5
• Coupling reactions6


1, 10, 50, 250 g in glass bottle

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extent of labeling: 30 wt. % loading, matrix activated carbon support

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Palladium on carbon

extent of labeling: 10 wt. % loading (dry basis), matrix activated carbon, wet support, Degussa type E101 NE/W

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Catalysts and Metals

Aldrich supplies a large variety of catalysts and metals that are of increasing importance to the synthetic organic chemist. This vast array of products is separated into two major categories: homoge...
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Peer-Reviewed Papers


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Polyphosphates and pyrophosphates of hexopyranoses as allosteric effectors of human hemoglobin: synthesis, molecular recognition, and effect on oxygen release. Fylaktakidou KC, et al. ChemMedChem 6(1), 153-68, (2011)


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