245259 Aldrich

Dicarbonylcyclopentadienyl cobalt(I)

technical grade

Synonym: Cobalt dicarbonyl cyclopentadiene, CpCo(CO)2, Cyclopentadienyl cobalt(I) dicarbonyl, Cyclopentadienylcobalt dicarbonyl, Cyclopentadienyldicarbonylcobalt


Related Categories Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry, Chemical Synthesis, Cobalt More...
grade   technical grade
bp   139-140 °C/710 mmHg(lit.)
storage temp.   2-8°C



Catalyst for the cyclotrimerization of alkynes.1

Mediates the [2+2+2]-cyclization of allenediynes to tricyclic systems.


5, 25 g in ampule

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