367168 Aldrich

Tin(II) sulfide


Synonym: Herzenbergite, Stannous sulfide, Tin monosulfide



Related Categories Alternative Energy, Chalcogenides, Dopants, Materials Science, Metal and Ceramic Science,
assay   96%
density   5.22 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)



10 g in glass bottle

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granular, ≥99.99% trace metals basis

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A facile, relative green, and inexpensive synthetic approach toward large-scale production of SnS₂ nanoplates for high-performance lithium-ion batteries. Du Y, Yin Z, Rui X, et al. Nanoscale 5(4), 1456-9, (2013)


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RegBook 1 (3), 3295:H

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