404586 Aldrich

Sinapyl alcohol

technical grade, 80%

Synonym: 4-Hydroxy-3,5-dimethoxycinnamyl alcohol



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grade   technical grade
assay   80%
mp   61-65 °C(lit.)
storage temp.   2-8°C



100 mg in poly bottle


Sinapyl alcohol may be employed in the preparation of lignin, a highly stable biopolymer.1

General description

Sinapyl alcohol, a monolignol, is a primary lignin monomer.2 It has been evaluated for anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive activities.3 It participates in the initial stages in the biosynthesis of lignin.4 Coupling reactions of sinapyl alcohol and sinapyl p-hydroxybenzoate has been reported.5 Preparation of sinapyl alcohol by selective 1,2-reduction of corresponding cinnamate esters using diisobutylaluminium hydride as reducing agent has been studied.6

Other Notes

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1. Reaction chemistry and phase behavior of lignin in high-temperature and supercritical water. Fang Z, Sato T, Smith RL, et al. Bioresour. Technol. 99(9), 3424-30, (2008)


2. Identification and characterisation of Arabidopsis glycosyltransferases capable of glucosylating coniferyl aldehyde and sinapyl aldehyde. Lim EK, Jackson RG, and Bowles DJ FEBS Lett. 579(13), 2802-6, (2005)


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4. A possible mechanism for the oxidation of sinapyl alcohol by peroxidase-dependent reactions in the apoplast: enhancement of the oxidation by hydroxycinnamic acids and components of the apoplast. Takahama U, et al. Plant Physiol. 37(4), 499-504, (1996)

5. Preparation and relevance of a cross-coupling product between sinapyl alcohol and sinapyl p-hydroxybenzoate. Lu F, Ralph J, Morreel K, et al. Org. Biomol. Chem. 2(20), 2888-90, (2004)


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Beil. 6,III,6690

FT-IR 2 (2), 1972:D / Structure Index 1, 208:D:2

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