675512 Aldrich

(R)-(–)-VAPOL hydrogenphosphate

Synonym: (R)-2,2′-Diphenyl-3,3′-biphenanthryl-4,4′-diyl phosphate, (R)-VAPOL phosphoric acid, 18-Hydroxy-8,9-diphenyl-diphenanthro[4,3-d:3′,4′-f][1,3,2]dioxaphosphepin-18-oxide



Useful chiral Bronsted acid catalyst in the addition of sulfonamides to Boc-activated aryl imines.6

Catalyst involved in:
• Desymmetrization of meso-aziridines1
• Asymmetric aza-Darzens aziridine synthesis2
• Enantioselective ring-opening of mono-and bicyclic N-acyl meso aziridines3
• Condensation of aldehydes with amino benzenesulfonamides4
• Pictet-Spengler reactions5


100, 500 mg in glass bottle

Protocols & Applications

Reductive Amination using BINOL-Derived Chiral Phosphoric Acids

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