699632 Aldrich

Carbon, mesoporous

nanopowder, <500 nm particle size (DLS), >99.95% trace metals basis

Synonym: Graphitized carbon black



Related Categories 06: C, Activated and Mesoporous Carbon, Alternative Energy, Carbon-Based Materials and Graphite, Materials Science,
assay   >99.95% trace metals basis
form   nanopowder
particle size   <500 nm (DLS)
pore size   0.342 cm3/g total pore volume (typical)
  64 Å average pore diameter (typical)
surface area   spec. surface area 150-250 m2/g
bp   4827 °C
mp   3654-3697 °C
density   0.056 g/cm3 (Packing)
  1.887 g/cm3 (absolute, typical)


General description

High purity porous carbon nanopowder. Particles have turbostratic structure with large mesopores and some microporosity. An agglomeration of 30 nm mesoporous nanoparticles (TEM).


5, 25 g in glass bottle

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Graphitized Mesoporous Carbons

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Carbon, mesoporous

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Carbon, mesoporous

nanopowder, graphitized, <500 nm particle size (DLS), >99.95% trace metals basis

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Protocols & Articles


Changing the Landscape of Environmental and Energy Research Through Novel Nanoscale Materials

Energy and environmental catalysts (EECs) form a major group of materials that will continue to drive the growth of industry and research investments. The EEC market is estimated to be between $10−16...
Santanu Chaudhuri
Material Matters, 2012 v7, n4
Keywords: Adsorption, Alternative energy, Applications, Automotive, Catalysis, Diffusion, Environmental, Gene expression, Immobilization, Infrared spectroscopy, Metal organic frameworks, Methods, Molecular probes, Oxidations, Protocols, Reductions, Search, Spectroscopy, Substitutions, Support, Surface Science, Type

High Temperature Boron-based Thermoelectric Materials

The modern world is rapidly approaching the limits of classical energy reserves. Alternative sources of energy, such as the conversion of waste heat to electricity, offer potential and are an incenti...
Takao Mori
Material Matters Volume 4 Article 2
Keywords: Applications, Materials Science, Melting, Nanotubes, Tools, Type

High-Tech Carbons

The Sigma-Aldrich® commitment to carbon materials research and product development spans more than two decades. Understanding how thermodynamic and kinetic properties affect performance characteristi...
Material Matters 2009, 4.4, 110.
Keywords: Applications, Material Matters

Mesoporous Materials

Materials with specially ordered porous features on the nano-scale have important applications in optics, catalysis, drug delivery systems, coatings, cosmetics, bio-separation, diagnostics, gas-separ...
Keywords: Absorption, Adsorption, Asymmetric synthesis, Catalysis, Chromatography, Cosmetics, Diffraction, Diffusion, Gas chromatography, High performance liquid chromatography, Industries, Ion Exchange, Materials Science, Metal organic frameworks, Microscopy, Nanotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Proteomics, Scanning electron microscopy, Separation, Substitutions, Transmission electron microscopy, X-Ray diffraction

Synthesis of Mesoporous Materials

Mespoporous materials, also known as mesoporous molecular sieves, are a class of 3D-nanostructures with well-defined mesoscale (2–50 nm diameter) pores and surface areas up to 1000 m2/g.1 In terms of...
Material Matters 2008, 3.1, 17.
Keywords: Absorption, Applications, Catalog, Catalysis, Condensations, Diffusion, Material Matters, Methods, Sol-gel

Peer-Reviewed Papers


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Zhixin Ma;Takashi Kyotani; Zheng Liu; Osamu Terasaki; and Akira Tomita Chem. Mater. 13, 4413, (2001)

Extremely high microporosity and sharp pore size distribution of a large surface area carbon prepared in the nanochannels of zeolite Y Koichi Matsuoka; Yasushi Yamagishi; Toshiaki Yamazaki, et. al. Carbon 43, 876-879, (2005)

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