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699772 Aldrich

Polystyrene, azide terminated

Mn 2,500

Synonym: Azide terminated polystyrene, PS N3 terminated, PS-N3, clickable PS


Related Categories Hydrophobic Polymers, Materials Science, Polymer Science, Polymers, Polystyrene,
mol wt   Mn 2,500
mp   77-82 °C
Mw/Mn   <1.3



This is a well-defined polystyrene with an azide end group functionality. Azido groups are commonly used in Cu-mediated ligation (azide-alkyne click chemistry).

Legal Information

Sold for research purposes only and subject to field restriction: see www.sigmaaldrich.com/raftlicense. Patents: 7; 714; 075; 7; 250; 479; 7; 666; 962; 6; 642; 318; 6; 747; 111; W2010/8356.

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