A88107 Aldrich



Synonym: 4-Methoxybenzaldehyde, Aubépine



Related Categories Aldehydes, Boswellia carterii, Building Blocks, C8, Carbonyl Compounds,
vapor density   4.7 (vs air)
assay   98%
refractive index   n20/D 1.573(lit.)
bp   248 °C(lit.)
mp   −1 °C(lit.)
density   1.119 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
Gene Information   human ... CYP1A2(1544)



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5 g in glass bottle

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Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

WGK Germany 
Flash Point(F) 
240.8 °F
Flash Point(C) 
116 °C

Protocols & Articles


Knoevenagel Condensation Reaction

The Knoevenagel Condensation Reaction is a classic organic synthesis, described by Emil Knoevenagel in the 1890’s. The Knoevenagel reaction is a modified Aldol Condensation with a nucleophilic additi...
Keywords: Aldol condensation, C-C bond formation, Condensations, Dehydration reaction, Knoevenagel Condensation, Nucleophilic additions, Organic synthesis

Peer-Reviewed Papers


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Merck 14,663

Beil. 8,IV,252

Aldrich MSDS 1, 127:D / Arctander, 241 / Corp MSDS 1 (2), 274:D / Corp MSDS 1 (1), 274:D / FT-IR 2 (2), 2529:D / FT-IR 1 (2), 111:B / FT-NMR 1 (2), 941:A / Fenaroli / IR-Spectra (2), 800:F / IR-Spectra (3), 914:H / NMR-Reference 2 (2), 109:C / RegBook 1 (2), 1717:H / RegBook 41 (2), 1717:H / Sax 6, 283 / Sigma FT-IR 1 (2), 285:D / Structure Index 1, 272:A:7 / Vapor Phase 3, 1290:C

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