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W302600 Aldrich

Sodium citrate dihydrate

≥99%, FG

Synonym: Citric acid trisodium salt dihydrate, Sodium citrate tribasic dihydrate, Trisodium citrate dihydrate



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biological source   synthetic
grade   FG
reg. compliance   EU Regulation 1333/2008 & 178/2002
  EU Regulation 178/2002
assay   ≥99%
mp   >300 °C(lit.)
Organoleptic   odorless
food allergen   no known allergens



1 kg in poly bottle

10, 25 kg in fiber drum

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Protocols & Articles


Determination of Water Content in Trisodium citrate 2-hydrate Using Karl Fischer Titration

Carboxylic acid salts can be straightforwardly analyzed provided the sample dissolves rapidly in the working medium. Dissolution is accelerated by the addition of formamide, titration at elevated tem...
Keywords: Pharmaceutical, Titrations

Securing a Traceable Supply Chain for Food Grade Flavor Ingredients

Introduction Defining "Food Grade" Understanding "Food Grade" Versus "Industrial Grade" Top Questions to Ask a Flavor & Fragrances Supplier The Sigma-Aldrich Approach
Keywords: Food & Beverage, Food Safety, Solvents

Understanding the Complexities of Kosher Ingredients

Dr. Luke Grocholl, Quality Assurance Supervisor, Sigma-Aldrich Flavors & Fragrances and Rabbi Gershon Segal
Keywords: Fermentation, Food & Beverage, Safety industry

Peer-Reviewed Papers


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Substrate for citrate lyase (EC H.U. Bergmeyer, ed. Methods of Enzymatic Analysis 3rd ed., 2, 173, (1983)

A. Babb Artif. Organs 3, 470, (1979)

Anticoagulant. D.M. Ramsey J. Clin. Pathol. 30, 766, (1977)


Merck 14,8602

Beil. 3,IV,1272

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