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Z100307 Aldrich

Aldrich® West condenser w/ Clear-Seal® joint

Joint: ST/NS 19/22, pkg of 1 ea



General description

Replacement part for the Diazald Kit, Z100250.

The Diazald kit is a set of distillation glassware designed for the safe preparation of diazomethane (~100 mmol). Glassware without sharp edges or ground-glass joints are recommended by de Boer and Backer [Org. Syn., Coll. Vol. 4, 250 (1963)]. The Diazald kit features 19/22 Clear-Seal joints; these joints do not require grease even for vacuum applications, thus avoiding a source of contamination.

The glassware in the kit should be washed with care and without the use of wire brushes which will scratch the inner surface. For further information, request Technical Information Bulletin No. AL-180 and for a review on the preparation and reactions of diazomethane, see Aldrichim. Acta, 16, 1, 1983.

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NOTE: Sigma-Aldrich is unable to supply certain Diazomethane precursors in some countries. Check availability of starting materials prior to glassware purchase.

Legal Information

Aldrich is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

Clear-Seal is a registered trademark of Wheaton Industries, Inc.

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