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Z119660 Aldrich

Cochranes molecular models

orbit, basic organic

Synonym: chemistry model sets, molecular model sets



Related Categories Cochranes models, Cochranes of Oxford Molecular Building Systems, Cochranes of Oxford Orbit Molecular Models, Labware, Manufacturer Browser,
feature   no. of atoms 66
  no. of bonds 90
mfr. no.   Cochranes, 0045
scale   2 cm = 0.1 nanometer (1 Å), Minit
  3 cm = 0.1 nanometer (1 Å), Orbit


General description

A basic set in the Orbit molecular building system without workbook for self-directed work. Contains sufficient atoms and bonds to make simple models to understand chemical structures including: hydrocarbons, ring structures, alcohols and esters, simple inorganic molecules and the basic molecules of life - sugars, amino acids, glycerol and fatty acids.

Scale: 3 cm = 0.1 nanometer (1 A), Orbit

• 1-prong: Hydrogen, white (18), Nitrogen, blue (2), Oxygen, red (2), Chlorine, green (6)
• 2-prong linear: Carbon, black (2)
• 2-prong 110°: Oxygen, red (6)
• 3-prong 120°: Carbon, black (6), Nitrogen, blue (2)
• 4-prong tetrahedral: Carbon, black (12), Nitrogen, blue (2), Oxygen, red (2), Phosphorous, purple (1), Sulfur, yellow (1)
• 6-prong octahedral: Carbon, black (2)
• 5-prong trigonal bipyramid: Carbon, black (2)
• X pegs (4)

• Extra-thick light grey, 35 mm (50)
• Extra-thick light grey, 20 mm (20)
• Extra-rigid, grey 35 mm (15)

An extensive model system offering 15 atomic bonding configurations in 12 colors of plastic atoms. The carbon atom is represented in nine configurations: linear, trigonal (in five angle variations), tetrahedral, octahedral, trigonal-bipyramidal. Models come in two sizes: Orbit and Minit. Spare atom centers and bonding tubes are available for all model kits.

Please see Technical Information Bulletin AL-183 for a listing of these items, available on our website at sigma-aldrich.com

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