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Z122548 Aldrich

Aldrich® student glass lab kit

Joint: ST/NS 14/20



General description

Glassware with standard 14/20 ground-glass joints provides a high-quality, low-cost solution for school laboratories and research. Customize the basic 14/20 kit with your choice of glass components and accessories available. Supplied in a foam-lined storage case. Contact our Glass Center to discuss your custom kit requirements at aldglass@sial.com

Legal Information

Aldrich is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

Price and Availability

Kit component also available separately


Product #

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A. Drying tubes with joint, Joint: ST/NS 14/20 SDS Z122491
B. Aldrich® vacuum adapter, male ST/NS 14/20, side-port SDS Z122394
C. Aldrich® bent vacuum-distilling adapter SDS Z122386
D. Round-bottom flask for Aldrich® student glass kit SDS    
E. Aldrich® three-way adapter, Joint: ST/NS 14/20 SDS Z122408
F. Aldrich® Micro Vigreux column, unjacketed, effective L 90 mm SDS Z122475
G. Aldrich® Claisen adapter, without drip-tip, bottom and side ST/NS 14/20 SDS Z413429
H. Hex-head stopper, plain, Joint: ST/NS 14/20 SDS Z122483
I. Aldrich® three-neck round-bottom flask, angled, capacity 100 mL SDS Z122459
J. Aldrich® single-neck round-bottom flask, capacity 25 mL, Joint: ST/NS 14/20 SDS Z100641
K. Aldrich® Liebig condenser, overall H 200 mm, Joint: ST/NS 14/20 SDS Z122416
L. Aldrich® thermometer adapter for Aldrich student glass kit SDS Z543748
M. Aldrich® single-neck round-bottom flask, capacity 50 mL SDS Z100668
N. Gas-inlet tube for Aldrich® Glassware kits SDS Z122513
O. Aldrich® addition funnel, capacity 50 mL, Joint: ST/NS 14/20 SDS Z122467
Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

Safety Information for this product is unavailable at this time.


Certificate of Analysis

Protocols & Articles

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