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Z153206 Aldrich

Cochranes molecular models

micrit, single kit with booklet

Synonym: chemistry model sets, molecular model sets



Related Categories Cochranes models, Labware, Molecular Models, Molecular Models and Educational Aids
feature   no. of atoms> 1,700
  no. of bonds> 1,000
mfr. no.   Cochranes, 0109
scale   2 cm = 0.1 nanometer (1 Å), Minit
  3 cm = 0.1 nanometer (1 Å), Orbit


General description

An extensive model system offering 15 atomic bonding configurations in 12 colors of plastic atoms. The carbon atom is represented in nine configurations: linear, trigonal (in five angle variations), tetrahedral, octahedral, trigonal-bipyramidal. Models come in two sizes: Orbit and Minit. Spare atom centers and bonding tubes are available for all model kits.

Please see Technical Information Bulletin AL-183 for a listing of these items, available on our website at sigma-aldrich.com

For building macro pharmacological models. Space-filling spheres and molded bond tubes at a scale of 1.25 cm = 100 pm.

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